EMC Energy Initiative


Power for Manufacturers

Manufacturers need to be aware of their energy costs and consumption 24/7/365.

Energy remains a top concern for all manufacturers, with challenges ranging from unstable prices, to energy supply issues, to uncertain government direction on legislated energy costs and related initiatives.  

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium has a mandate to help manufacturers in Canada succeed. EMC’s Energy Initiative is a comprehensive four-part program designed to help manufacturers on both sides of the energy meter.


Just some of the many ways we can help you succeed.  

  • Better manage energy procurement and reduce energy costs;
  • Better know, understand and educate your team on strategies, to better manage energy consumption and integrate energy more effectively into your value streams;
  • Maximize access to energy rebates and other incentives;
  • Enable onsite energy sustainability, efficiencies and potential revenue generation through strategic opportunities

Joining makes good sense! For more information, get in touch with
EMC’s Energy Team.


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