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“Without EMC, we would not have been exposed to all of this knowledge. We would still be operating as an isolated company, doing things as we had always done them. I would encourage any manufacturing company, no matter what they produce, to be a part of EMC. To not become involved would be a great disservice to your companies.”
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“Our company goal was to “stay ahead of the curve” as we came out of the recession and with the support of EMC, we were able to make this happen. EMC is our foundation for growth, as we continue to utilize their experience and networking capabilities, so that we may excel beyond into the future.”
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“Even if I bring one improvement back that we can use or modify to fit our process is a win-win for us. The SIG process in itself is value added and EMC membership fee is a small price to pay for a year of available knowledge and a network of sources that can be tapped into long after the SIG.”
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“The “discussions” are most valuable; sometimes to realize what we need to do and other times to be assured that where we are is leading the way.“ 
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FIndingEmployees.jpgMany folks are reaching out to apprenticeship and starting their own in house as well as coordinating with various government programs such as Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs.  These steps will bode well for future needs but companies are still struggling to fill immediate need.

One of the elements that is very clear is that some of the millennial folks that are hired approach work/life differently to older folks.

Where this can become an issue for employers is relating to this younger groups needs and wants and figuring out how to best accommodate and entice them to stay. 

Issues and challenges discussed included:

  • Lack of loyalty for companies – that being said, the approach of using contract positions doesn’t inspire loyalty.
  • Getting commitment from probationary employees
  • Commitment is reciprocal!
  • Recognitions – shared and publicised build commitment and moral
  • Succession planning – need to look at how to retain high performing employees by developing their skill sets – not only existing ones but new ones as well
  • Development strategies can lead to retention strategies.  Development including training and recognition develops commitment.
  • Communication is key to developing commitment also – regular all hands and smaller group meetings/round tables where concerns can be raised and addressed, employee commitment surveys, etc.
  • The discussions did highlight that not only do younger workers need to adapt to the workforce - companies need to adapt to how to make the influx of younger workers successful and, by extension, make their workforce successful.
  • Key to making these transitions (besides an open mind and willingness to change approaches when necessary) are the supervisors to whom the new young workers report.  It is imperative that supervisors’ skill sets are well developed on the people management side of the equation (what is important to or most valued by their staff and how to relate to those key concerns) or retention will be an ongoing issue. 

 As one SIG participant pointed out – people don’t leave the company, they leave their


360 Environmental, Health & Safety

To meet our member's needs we are introducing the 360⁰ Environmental, Health and Safety. EMC has done the leg work for our members, interviewing several industry leaders and subject matter experts in all areas of health, safety and the environment and developed agreements with preferred solutions providers. Learn more

CMNv2.jpgCanadian Manufacturing Network

The Canadian Manufacturing Network / Réseau Manufacturier Canadien is a unique initiative focused on engaging manufacturers through knowledge, innovation, workplace learning and best practices, in order to strengthen Canadian industry globally and create new jobs here at home. The Canadian Manufacturing Network connects manufacturers to share knowledge, expertise and learning resources, strengthening Canada's diverse manufacturing sectors as they grow new business and build greater global competitiveness. Learn More


Energy Group Program

Manufacturers have been increasingly challenged with unstable energy costs and security of supply, as the volatility of market deregulation has left many electricity and natural gas business consumers at the mercy of price increases/decreases and an uncertainty as to where to turn for energy expertise. Learn more


Food & Beverage Sector Initiative

EMC and Ontario's Ministry Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) are helping Food Sector Manufacturers and Processors across Ontario to enhance their global competitiveness, protect jobs and engage leading-edge professional peer-to-peer knowledge networks. Learn More


Foreign Exchange Solutions

More and more Canadian manufacturers are looking at international markets as a way to grow their business. They want to work with a global leader and minimize their exposure in foreign markets. Learn More


Risk Management

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC), in partnership with trusted advisor Jones Brown Inc. (JBI), has announced a new initiative to provide manufacturers across Canada with an innovative approach to Insurance, Benefits, and Risk Management. Learn More


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We have been featuring Member Profiles in our EMC Update newsletter (you can find out more about our newsletter or subscribe for free here.) If you are looking to profile your company or advertise your products and services, please contact EMC for our various advertising options. View current Member Profiles


Member Needs Help (MNH)

EMC's 'Member Needs Help' Line provides an opportunity for members to learn from the insights and experiences of other members and to share information on subjects such as policies and procedures... Learn More


Peer to Peer Networking

Field Service - EMC Field Service Advisor's (FSA) are dedicated professionals with a background in manufacturing working on the ground in your community providing: Hands on facilitation of all member related activities. Strategic Interest Groups - SIG events are high impact focused networking sessions held monthly or bi-monthly in every EMC consortium. At these sessions members: Share & Steal best practices & Benchmark their facility with other companies. Learn More


EMC Direct

Independent Manufacturers can now benefit from the "Buying Group Model" that for years has enabled independent businesses in retail and distribution to compete with their largest competitors. Learn More


Safety Groups

The program rewards firms that incorporate prevention measures into their daily business and EMC is wrapping up another very successful year for our Safety Group initiative, benefiting EMC members through continuous improvement in health & safety. Learn More



What an incredible advantage you have as a member of EMC! As a result of the nature of EMC, which is to learn and share with pride, we have been able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the SR&ED world. Learn More


The Learning Centre

To better assist our members access to advanced manufacturing and other continuous improvement opportunities, EMC created 'The Learning Centre'… a member resource dedicated to the sourcing of training, continuous improvement and other skills development initiative. Learn More

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