Fasteners and Hardware Components


EMC Direct is proud to announce that our preferred supplier of fasteners and other hardware components is Accurate Fasteners

The Accurate Group of Companies is comprised of Accurate Fasteners Ltd, FCI Molded Products Inc. and Northern Architectural Products Inc.  They pride themselves on being a reliable source for your manufacturing needs, providing excellent customer service from initial application drawings to final installations.

Available through this program;

A wide breadth of custom and commodity fasteners, molded products, furniture componentry, stampings, castings and door and window hardware, all provided Just-in-Time.

EMC Member companies using this program will receive;

  • A 3% rebate on every order.
  • Additional 1% rebate for spends over $20,000.00, 1.25% for over $30,000.00, 1.5% for over $40,000.00. Additional rebates for over $50,000.00 and $60,000.00.
  • Rebates will be credited back to dollar zero and issued to member accounts.

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