Our Programs

Our Programs

The EMC Purchasing Cooperative continues to grow and evolve as we explore and add new product categories. Our programs are gaining traction, and offer terrific potential savings for our Members. 


Our courier program cannot be beat for Ontario/Quebec and most of Canada ground service. Co-op Members are typically achieving around 20% in savings -- but some members have saved as much as 70%! It's easy to find out how much you could save...we would be pleased to provide a free assessment. 

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Freight Logistics

One of our members recently saved $40,000 on a $400,000 spend, and they didn't have to switch to a new provider! We will gladly provide an analysis on your freight requirements to find out how much you could save.  

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Sign Mfgs

The Co-op has developed some very successful programs for Sign Manufacturers. Members are achieving rebates of 3% to 6% on some major core inputs.

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Maintenance, Repair, Operational Supplies including Health & Safety PPE's, Abrasives, Lubricants, Cutting Tools and more! We work with IDI Inc., a Purchasing Co-op of independent MRO distributors, to offer improved pricing and rebates on additional business.

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Gases / Welding

Competitive pricing plus rebates -- even larger rebates for manufacturers switching to EMC Purchasing Co-op preferred vendor.

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Coming Soon! New programs we are currently evaluating.
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Preferred Suppliers We pick our supplier partners carefully. 
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Members can save anywhere from 10-35% on their Canadian ground courier services!

This program has proven to be so popular that we have been forced to implement an Associate Membership in the EMC Purchasing Co-op. If you don't have the purchasing volumes required to become a full member you can still take advantage of these great courier rates.

Our Preferred Supplier is Canpar, and this has proven to be a very rewarding program for all members requiring Canadian ground courier services. 

It's easy to find out how much you could save...we would be pleased to provide a free assessment.


Freight and Logistics

The savings realized recently by our Member-Owners speak for themself. Are you sending out truckloads or LTL's? If you are spending a ton on those loads, then it's time to talk to our preferred supplier for Freight & Logistic: Raedan Freight Services Inc. In today's competitive environment, your company needs the most advanced and efficient logistics management options available. Raedan Freight Services Inc. will provide you with options which will streamline your supply chain and reduce your present transportation costs.

As a member of the EMC Purchasing Co- operative, Raedan Freight Services will provide your company with a no-cost evaluation of your existing transportation program. From there, we provide national and international discounted carrier or courier rates, reliable LTL/TL carrier service in Canada and the United States, no-cost carrier and warehouse sourcing and report/audit services.

Our Freight and Logistics program can provide:

  • Greater control of inventory
  • Improved return on investment
  • Enhanced flexibility - stay with your existing supplier or switch
  • Reduction in operating and distribution costs
  • Consistent competitive edge in the marketplace

Sign Manufacturers

While each program will stand on its own as an important contribution to the Co-op member's bottom line, the bundling of several of these programs will be particularly impactful on several manufacturing disciplines.

The Sign Sector is an excellent illustration of this "bundling" practice. But it is by "bundling" the sign specific programs with our other Manufacturing Programs that our Member-Owner's maximize the value of the Co-op for their business.  Our sign specific programs combined with, Courier, MRO, Freight and Gases & Welding (& Metals soon) will all add incremental profit to our Member-Owner's bottom line.


MRO Suppliers

This is the program that started it all!!

MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair and Operational supplies. When the Co-op was first formed, we needed a program that could positively impact ALL of our Member-Owners, on things they buy EVERYDAY, with IMMEDIATE ROI. Well, this is that program.

How great is this program? Every business, large or small, buys MRO every day. You're likely already buying from one of our preferred independent suppliers - you're just not getting the rebates on your purchases that our Member-Owner's do….


Gases / Welding

For industrial gases & accessories , our preferred supplier is Linde Gas.

The program includes bulk and bottled gases as well as welding consumables.

The Co-op is very excited about this offering and we believe this program with Linde could be our most lucrative to date.


Coming Soon!

Our Metals Program is currently envisioned to include the following: Steel (Plate, tube, tool and stainless), Aluminum (Plate, extruded), Brass, Bronze, Copper

We are currently finishing up preliminary research on prospective preferred suppliers in this category. We will phase in the Metals Program with different products being made available over the course of time. 

Currently under consideration:

  • Packaging Program (including corrugated cardboard),
  • Uniforms Program

Our Preferred Suppliers

We select our program suppliers carefully. Suppliers are selected by the EMC Purchasing Co-op Board after careful due diligence. Our ambition is to provide reliable service and high quality product for the best price possible. 

We are pleased to work with our Preferred Suppliers. You can find out more by visiting their websites:

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