How We Do It

EMC Canada announces EMC Direct!

Together We're saving Money!

As of January 2014, programs from the EMC Purchasing Co-op are being made available to all EMC Canada
Members.  Your EMC Canada Membership now entitles you to take advantage of 
EMC Direct - for NO additional fee.

EMC Direct makes it easy for you to save money: 

  • No need to "join" the Co-op anymore - you're already a member! 
  • No requirement to change the way you pay your suppliers 
  • No monthly fees, No minimum purchase requirements 
  • No changes required from your purchasers or your accounting people

EMC Direct is launching with two types of programs:

    • Rebate Programs - Your purchasers do their job by ensuring that the EMC Direct Supplier has
      competitive invoice prices for your business along with all the other service levels and quality
      you demand.  You buy from that supplier and at the end of the year you receive a rebate cheque
      that you can take to the bank.  Think of it as unexpected "Bonus" for supporting the
      Supplier who you probably would have bought from anyways.
    • On-Invoice Savings Programs - Simple.  We've negotiated savings over what you are
      currently paying.  This makes it easy for your purchasers to make an immediate decision - you buy
      from these Suppliers because it's less expensive.  Up front.  No surprises.
    • Why are our Suppliers doing this?

Our Suppliers are taking part in EMC Direct because they see a unique way of being introduced to EMC Canada Members and to grow their sales. 

Why is EMC Canada doing this?

EMC Canada has actively promoted the Co-op for the past three years.  The Co-op has proven itself and is here to stay.  EMC Canada believes by introducing EMC Direct to all members, it will further its mission to help Canadian Manufacturers be more competitive.  Watch out for upcoming emails about the specific EMC Direct Programs being introduced in the coming weeks. 

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