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These reports, introduced below, highlight innovation in partnering with manufacturers to facilitate and promote the expansion and sustainability of business-aligned workplace technologies that embrace ongoing skills development and cultural change. 

Results-CBC.pngReport 1.   

THRC's Skills and Learning Sites and Portal : Tailored Learning Builds Competitive Advantage, Conference Board of Canada, Case Study, 2008.

Skills and Learning Sites and Portal provide Canadian textile manufacturing companies and their employees with access to a flexible, cost-effective learning infrastructure. Dedicated "in the shop" learning sites and a range of manufacturing, technical, essential skills, and personal and business essentials programs help companies to identify specific workplace skills requirements and to tailor their training activities and tools to meet those needs. The Sites and Portal are positively impacting organizational learning cultures and workplace performance. Check out Results!


Results-invista.pngReport 2.   

Measuring the Return on Investment of Problem Solving Training, Canadian Society for Training and Development's,  Investing in People, INVISTA (Canada) Company Case Study,  2010.

INVISTA Canada's success applying on-learning solutions to a workplace challenge is featured among a series of twelve case studies illustrating the return on investment of training.  The case study, developed as part of the Canadian Society for Training and Development's Investing in People project, documents INVISTA's use of the Council's problem-solving methodology to save the company more than $300,000 annually. Undertaken as part of the THRC-Harvard Supervisor Certificate (e-learning management and leadership skills, webinars, workshops, and Knowledge Networks forum), INVISTA supervisors wanted to find a market for non-standard-size spools of yarn that were previously discarded or recycled.  By investigating the needs of their current clients, INVISTA was able to create a new lower-volume market. As many companies consider cutting costs, it is increasingly valuable to know how learning and technology investments perform.  An important part of the program is the application of a customized Business Impact Methodology, which measures return on training investment. Check out Results!


workplace-learning-culture.pngReport 3.

Building a Workplace Learning Culture, Roundtable on Workplace Skills, Case Study, 2011

 In a changing climate in which Canadian manufacturers face the compounding challenges of an aging workforce, rapidly accelerating technology, intensifying international competition, rising energy prices, and a high Canadian dollar, the importance of creating and promoting an effective workplace learning program and fostering commitment to a culture of workplace learning over the long-term is becoming increasingly evident. Manufacturing firm MW Canada, recipient of a number of workplace learning awards, has, like others in the textiles industry, witnessed significant changes in the industry and has worked to adapt to these new and emerging conditions. They and other like-minded firms and industry organizations recognized that a knowledgeable and skilled workforce would be critical to meeting and overcoming these challenges and, to this end, in 2006 MW Canada launched its endeavour to develop a workplace culture supporting continuous learning. Check out Results!


Results-implementing-skills-and-learning.pngBest Practices : Implementing Skills and Learning Portal

The Canadian Manufacturing Network creates customized, dedicated Skills and Learning Portals for its members, providing employees with personalized access to a broad range of online learning programs and other resources. In addition to manufacturing, technical, foundation, business and computer skills development, the Portal provides step-by-step guides, information about certification programs and tools to measure workplace learning. The Portal also hosts online communities of practice, or Knowledge Networks, that connect employees with solutions and ideas. As your organization considers how to introduce the Portal into your workplace, consider some practical examples from other companies! Check out Results!

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