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Another year is coming to a close and it was a good year for the Canadian Manufacturing Network. The Skills & Learning Portal continues to offer access to many courses and tools to assist members to grow and develop new skill sets. Whether it is to quickly find some information, set a course of study including a number of the available courses, or to gather folks together for lunch and learn activities using the courses as the basis of the discussion, the portal continues to offer what companies need.

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2014 was a big year to continue establishing Canadian Manufacturing Network’s (CMN) foundations and workplace partnerships. In 2014, major CMN contributions were focused on continued access to learning resources with essential skills results, as well as the launch of a national labour market intelligence initiative for manufacturers, post-secondary institutions and all levels of government.

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Congratulations CMN - Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program Graduates!! - 2014's Spring and recent Fall Session........
Another full year of success was experienced by all who participated in the CMN - Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program which included an additional 44 Supervisors/Managers/Team Associates receiving their certification during the Spring and Fall Sessions in 2014.
This certification will make such a positive difference in career paths, day-to-day responsibilities and will contribute to the success of many participating companies!
The Canadian Manufacturing Network and Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium are excited about the opportunity to assist future participants and manufacturers with this great CMN - Harvard Supervisory program in 2015. Wishing you a very safe and happy Holiday Season!

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