We are off to yet another very busy year in regards to the EMC – Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program! We congratulate the recent Winter Session graduates, are pleased the Spring Session is currently in progress and are pleased to announce the upcoming Fall 2017 Session dates – September 18th to November 24th! Register now and come join us for this excellent blended learning approach opportunity!

Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) available at the national, provincial and regional levels.

ManufacturingGPS is powered by data from over 2,500 Canadian manufacturers and 100+ educators (post-secondary institutions), by far the largest pool of manufacturing LMI data of its kind in Canada. In this blog, we are focussing on regional LMI, using the province Nova Scotia as an example.

We are pleased to announce the next Session of the EMC/CMN Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program will begin on April 18, 2017 and run through until June 22, 2017.

Come join us for this excellent blended approach learning opportunity!!

(Potential eligibility for a (COJG) Canada-Ontario Job Grant - Inquire)

Off to great start this morning with the EMC/CMN Team at the Economic Developer's Council of Ontario annual conference - Marriott Eaton to discuss our Labour Market Intelligence with EDOs and Community Partners - ManufacturingGPS. At #EDCO conference

A Manufacturing Essentials Certificate pilot for Production Workers was implemented in 2016 at Kingsmill Foods with 9 front-line employees. Following training implementation, all managers at Kingsmill agreed that the training was a worthwhile investment for the company. Managers also reported a high-level of improvement in team efficiency, overall engagement in the workplace and product quality/reduction of errors. For EMC-CMN, the goal of the Pilot was to gather employer/employee feedback and ultimately adapt a solution for a national audience.

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