Boeing     |    Employee Involvement/Lean Training

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Boeing Winnipeg is one of the largest aerospace composite manufacturers in Canada employing more than 1,600 people in three locations.

The Employee Involvement/Lean Training program is part of Boeing’s efforts to promote a culture of continuous improvement. It builds on the essential skills training done earlier in the WEM Program. The training was implemented to support the company goals of Quality, Safety and Productivity to impact the overall cost of doing business. Specifically, these programs were designed to enhance employees’ skills in working together in teams, decision making and running meetings.

The Lean courses were designed to help employees understand the concepts of Lean and put the Lean tools into practice to solve problems in their work areas, as well as to continually improve performance. The training included overviews of Lean methodology and related concepts including quality, waste, and value stream mapping.

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