Argus     |     Problem Solving Skills Training

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Argus Industries has served the industrial and aerospace industry since 1962. Argus is a custom manufacturer of rubber molded products and custom die cut gasket seals. The company has 80 employees located in its Winnipeg, Manitoba, headquarters and in its Pickering, Ontario, branch plant.

The problem solving training program was introduced to help employees become more effective in their jobs. The ultimate goals were to enhance employee confidence, and improve key metrics: productivity and customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve these goals, Argus saw the need to address problem-solving skills. It was seen as important to establish a culture of managing issues with facts at all levels of the organization. A primary strategy to accompany this was to develop a training solution that would help ensure that all Argus employees adopt a standard methodology for resolving issues from the root cause.

Better problem-solving capability in the organization was seen as the key to enhance employees’ ability to fix business and operational challenges. Another goal of the training was to enhance team building and confidence.

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