Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills Research (WLESR)

Learning & Business Impact Case Studies initiative.


Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) through its Canadian Manufacturing Network is partnering with Employment and Social Development Canada (formerly HRSDC) Office of Literacy and Essential Skills, to help manufacturers improve training outcomes, business results, and return on investment (ROI).

The Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills Research (WLESR) is a Canada-wide initiative designed to boost productivity at the company level and at the level of the national economy.

Through a series of 10 case studies, WLESR is looking at the impact of Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) training interventions in manufacturing settings and will identify the factors that contribute to effective LES training.  The end goal is to strengthen the business case regarding the value of LES workplace training so manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized firms, will invest in their workers to enhance performance.


WSLER is designed to address the knowledge gaps in manufacturing by creating access to source of expertise as well as resources and tools for manufacturers to implement and assess the impact of LES training. Examples of the resources are

•  Learning and Business Case Studies from diverse cross-section: size / sector/ geography to look at the value of LES training for manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized firms, who are investing in their workers to enhance performance

•  Individual Case Studies with aggregate benchmarking, analyses and business impact data available

•  Industry expertise, resources and tools necessary to assess the impact of LES training programs and
identify which elements are effective and which are not

•  Culminate in multi-industry round table with industry input to drive new resources and next step roadmaps, creating a "Manufacturing Essentials" manual for all industry

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can't read & write, but those who can't learn, unlearn & relearn."



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Jean-Pierre Giroux

Director, Human Capital Development
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Scott McNeil-Smith

President, Canadian Manufacturing Network
Director, Strategic Planning and Communications, EMC

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