ManufacturingGPS is a fully searchable LMI system, with benchmarking, skills and capability resources, reports and outreach portal to better help sectors by providing a crucial and unique tool that currently does not exist in Canada today! This macro-level LMI resource with the flexibility of micro-level detail, combined with EMC's extensive consortium and online network will better position Canadian manufacturers on the global productivity map.

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Beyond a traditional research / sector study, ManufacturingGPS will assess the Human Capital/Resources and Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) needs for all Canadian manufacturing sectors, focusing on the collection, analysis and ultimately better dissemination of LMI through a fully accessible next-generation technology platform.


This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Labour Market Partnerships-Sector Initiatives Program and will be fully accessible to four key target audiences:

•  Canadian manufacturing firms,

•  Job Seekers and Students,

•  Post-secondary Institutions

•  All levels of government


ManufacturingGPS will be engaging a minimum of 5,000 manufacturing employers across the country. Through its national audience, EMC will begin this initiative with direct-to-industry outreach that will utilize EMC's thriving primary consortium and online audience of over 40,000 manufacturing employers, to encourage participation and engage industry leaders to help shape ManufacturingGPS for all Canadian manufacturing sectors.


There is no cost for industry to participate in ManufacturingGPS. Participants will also benefit from no cost access to online skills development, training and other LMI resources being provided through EMC's Canadian Manufacturing Network.

EMC currently helps its audience source opportunities through its member network. ManufacturingGPS will grow this to a much larger scale. Once completed, ManufacturingGPS will also provide universities, colleges, job seekers and government to better identify future trends and integrate effective solutions to better meet industry needs.




Scott McNeil-Smith

National Director, Projects and Partnerships


Jean-Pierre Giroux

National Director, Skills and Talent Development



ManufacturingGPS to Position Canadian Manufacturers on the Global Productivity Map.
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