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Since 2009, EMC Harvard Certification Programs are encouraging the development of critical thinking, leadership and management skills with increased results on productivity, better workplace and team functioning, employee engagement and greater profits among other benefits.

New opportunities to meet learning styles and workplace results

Using a combination of Harvard Business Publishing content, industry professional facilitators, self-paced elearning modules, webinar meetings, customized performance projects to apply learning on the job and Knowledge Networks to share ideas and access knowledge,  EMC Harvard Programs provides new opportunities to meet individual learning styles, personal development and workplace results.


“The program has allowed me to realize that there are many ways to lead and motivate Associates. The tools that I have learned in this process will be used in the following weeks as we create individual goals. This I believe will help increase self confidence in the department and trust and give all associates a focus we need to work towards.” 

“As a supervisor, I must deal with both people and process problems each and every day. This project provided a great opportunity to improve my skills as most issues encountered were both people and process related. In addition, my confidence has increased signifi- cantly, enabling me to make bigger decisions on my own. At the beginning, I felt like I had to run everything by someone else. Now I feel that that I can take action more independently.”

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