Canadian Manufacturing Network


Online Skills and Learning Portal

The Canadian Manufacturing Network's Catalogue of Programs includes hundreds of world-class bilingual, industry-vetted online programs, comprising thousands of subjects of online learning for workers at all levels - from the shop floor to senior management - and across all manufacturing sectors. Industry can access leading-edge skills development programs on a wide range of subjects, including: manufacturing, technical, business and personal development, computer and workplace performance skills... including Harvard Business Publishing programs!

EMC Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program

Participants in this professional certificate program will have access to world-class content and expertise, while connecting with peers to share best practices and expand their professional networks. This program will encourage the development of critical leadership and other management skills.

Manufacturing GPS

ManufacturingGPS is a fully searchable LMI system, with benchmarking, skills and capability resources, reports and outreach portal to better help sectors by providing a crucial and unique tool that currently does not exist in Canada today! This macro-level LMI resource with the flexibility of micro-level detail, combined with EMC's extensive consortium and online network will better position Canadian manufacturers on the global productivity map.

Manufacturing Essentials

The Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills Research (WLESR) is a Canada-wide initiative designed to boost productivity at the company level and at the level of the national economy. Through a series of 10 case studies, WLESR is looking at the impact of Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) training interventions in manufacturing settings and will identify the factors that contribute to effective LES training.  The end goal is to strengthen the business case regarding the value of LES workplace training so manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized firms, will invest in their workers to enhance performance.


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