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Canadian Manufacturing Network (a division of Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium) is the culmination of EMC's national efforts over the past several years, to provide top tier online learning and other resources for manufacturers across Canada.  Known for its comprehensive Online Skills and Learning Portal, Canadian Manufacturing Network is a leading solution for manufacturers to connect with their peers across Canada, access essential, business, technical and other skills and learning programs, labour market intelligence, a national manufacturing jobs program, program resources and sector based services.



A Manufacturing Essentials Certificate pilot for Production Workers was implemented in 2016 at Kingsmill Foods with 9 front-line employees. Following training implementation, all managers at Kingsmill agreed that the training was a worthwhile investment for the company. Managers also reported a high-level of improvement in team efficiency, overall engagement in the workplace and product quality/reduction of errors. For EMC-CMN, the goal of the Pilot was to gather employer/employee feedback and ultimately adapt a solution for a national audience.

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December 16, 2016

EMC- Canadian Manufacturing Network (CMN) in 2016

JP Giroux

2016 was a milestone year for EMC-CMN to introduce a new way of collecting and communicating critical Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) for the Canadian manufacturing sector; The results speak for themselves: our national reach has been significantly expanded with new partnerships and innovative resources for all manufacturing regions across Canada.

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