Well, that escalated quickly! Where do we go from here?

Thursday, May 14, 2020 2:00pm Virtual SIG 539 Views

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“The Next Step”

Many of our members across the country have had their worlds turned upside down over the last 7 weeks. Some have had their production stopped entirely. Others have never been busier. Still others have changed what they are producing completely in an effort to help support their communities and fellow Canadian in the fight against COVID-19. For the first time in weeks, there is a sense that things are no longer ‘escalating’, that we have reached a new level or plateau and we are in a waiting pattern now.

Join your EMC Colleagues for a discussion around:

  • So, what now? What should businesses be doing in this moment?
  • Re-evaluating and Planning the next 60 days
  • New Leadership Skills that have become critical for 2020
  • The process for businesses to start strategically re-evaluating what is important and how they move forward in the next couple months.

About our Speaker:

Jennifer Kikkert is a seasoned facilitator and energizing public speaker with 15 years of experience in process improvement, culture change, and operational excellence. Jen is passionate about helping organizations ‘see’ opportunities for improvement that often go unnoticed. In 2014 Jen started working in the private sector, training change leaders, coaching senior management and key leaders, and motivating cross-disciplinary teams to improve their productivity.

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