EMC BC & Ontario Manufacturers Webinar: The Value of Intrinsic Motivation in the Workplace

Friday, February 14, 2020 10:00am PST Virtual SIG Webinar , Virtual SIG Featured 1606 Views

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The Value of Intrinsic Motivation in the Workplace

A Step toward becoming an Employer of Choice!

Intrinsic motivation has a stronger impact on employee engagement and performance than extrinsic motivation. 

Harvard Business Review (HBR) cites a study on motivation by Yoon Jik Cho and James Perry that found that:

Employee engagement is 3 times more affected by intrinsic motivators than extrinsic motivators. We often speak of 'reward and recognition' ideas which are often extrinsic, and certainly have their place. Join your peers and special guest presenter to explore the difference and ideas around moving in this direction!

Learn about:

  • Understanding Intrinsic engagement
  • Why this matters more than ever
  • Exploring the vast components of achieving that culture

(generational dynamics, the new workplace, leadership, mindset……)

  • Where do you start

Our Speaker:

Jennifer Kikkert, President & Founder – Visualiiz Management Consulting is a seasoned facilitator and energizing public speaker with 15 years of experience in process improvement, culture change, and operational excellence. Jen is passionate about helping organizations ‘see’ opportunities for improvement that often go unnoticed. In 2014 Jen started working in the private sector, training change leaders, coaching senior management and key leaders, and motivating cross-disciplinary teams to improve their productivity.

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Joan Richard,  Tel: 506.530.0229 Email:

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