Top 10 Considerations for a Successful Workplace Investigation

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 10:00am Zoom SIG 264 Views

Event Details

 “Best Practices for Investigations:  Ensuring the Investigator and the Process Survive Scrutiny”


The work of investigators and the investigation process is always watched carefully and is often a target of criticism. There are many pitfalls and mistakes that can easily be made during an investigation. In these times of change this is even more amplified, with remote investigations being a new normal in many cases. Dean will discuss the best practices in conducting investigations and provide useful tips and strategies around the management of investigations. Dean will offer clear perspectives on issues faced by front line investigators as well as important considerations concerning the policy and procedures that support investigations, so your investigations will stand up to the inevitable scrutiny they will receive.

This is an event that will address many of the issues that you have been faced with regarding conducting workplace investigations, including:

  • Avoiding accusations of discrimination, bias, or conflict of interest
  • Staying within scope
  • Common and not so common weaknesses in investigations
  • Important practical tips to apply to your investigation work
  • Conducting investigations remotely
  • Policy development considerations that ensure consistency

    If you have some particular questions that you would like to ask, please send them to me at your earliest convenience.  There will also be an opportunity to ask questions during the presentation.

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    You will be contacted a couple of days prior to the event with the log in details.  We will be using the Zoom platform.


Again, we look forward to having you take part in this very timely webinar!

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