NB and PEI: Employment / Labor Update

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 1:30pm Virtual Virtual SIG 74 Views

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An Update on Current Labor / Employement Issues:

Please join EMC with Guest presentor Kelly Vanbuskirk of Lawson Creamer for a discussion around current events, awareness and update, as well as an opportunity to ask questions that are relevant to you.

As we move into Fall, with schools  and activity increasing there is a level of uncertianty. This is an event to take a look at where we are currently with Kelly doing a second event for us on Sept 29th to assess what may have changed and to be a support for you as needed.

If you have any questions on specific topics I would be happy to pass those along prior to our event.

I hope that your scheule will allow you to participate and look forward to seeing you in person at future events.

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