EMC WEBINAR - Food & Beverage Sector: The Future of Food Manufacturing Post COVID–The Long View

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 1:00pm EST WEBINAR SIG Featured 1580 Views

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We are very pleased to be welcoming Guest Speaker, Brad McKay, Former CEO – Healthcare Food Services, who will be sharing insight on “The Future of Food Manufacturing Post COVID – The Long View”!

With the world’s population expected to grow by 2 billion people by 2050 we will need new and innovative means of safely producing, manufacturing and delivering food in manner that is still environmentally sustainable.

The COVID19 pandemic has created new ways of working and has accelerated others already in progress. This talk will look at food manufacturing over the next 30 years and take you to a world where by 2050 our society, our eating habits and our means of acquiring food will be very different and manufacturing likely not recognizable as it currently is!

Join us as our Speaker shares his thoughts and perspectives around:

  • Manufacturing related technologies available today
  • Technologies we have not yet thought of, or commercialized, and the
  • Potential impact on our ability to manufacture an ever-increasing amount of nourishing food without destroying the planet!

Brad McKay is a Former Chief Executive Officer of Healthcare Food Services, a leading Canadian marketer of nutritious prepared meals for the healthcare sector. Brad is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Food Processing Skills Canada and the Yves Landry Foundation.

To RSVP, click on the Invitation Link under the documents attached, or through our Event Page Icon.

We hope you can join your industry peers and fellow EMC Members, as we learn from subject matter experts, and explore “The Future of Manufacturing in the Food Industry - Post COVID - the Long View”!   

All the best as always!


Bren de Leeuw, Vice President, Community Partnerships and Stakeholder Relations
Excellence In Manufacturing Consortium – - 519-372-6009



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