Finding the Right Hire, How and When to Use Psychometrics in the Hiring Process

Thursday, February 20, 2020 8:30am Niagara SIG 220 Views

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I hope that you are able to join us for our next Niagara Consortium Networking Event.  The focus of this event will be Finding the Right Hire, How and When to Use Psychometrics in the Hiring Process, as presented by our guest speakers, Gail Green and Susan Robb, with Emergenetics.   

More and more organizations are recognizing the importance of developing pre-employment strategies as part of their recruitment and selection process, in order to recruit the right people and build the right teams. You know that making the wrong hire can be a very expensive and time-consuming mistake. Not only does it result in additional costs, but it can be multiplied by lost opportunities, duplicating training/on-boarding efforts of other team members, potential legal issues and much more. In this interactive workshop, you will build skill and knowledge to develop the ideal candidate attitudes and motivators for a position, construct the perfect candidate profile, attract the correct individuals and make the right fit for your culture.

Emergenetics International is an innovative, results-oriented organizational solutions company, founded in 1991, specializing in identifying, analyzing and leveraging the way people think, behave and perform.  They provide a grounded framework for selection and performance management via our proprietary tools and training, including the fields of brain-science, psychometric evaluation and organizational development.  Their Emergenetics Selection Program (ESP) Hiring System is built on the proven, science-based psychometric platform of Emergenetics but integrates the latest in hiring metrics.

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