EMC WEBINAR - BC Manufacturers: Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 9:15am WEBINAR SIG Featured 366 Views

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WEBINAR:  Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 @ 9:15 am PST

“Leadership in a Time of Crisis”

EMC is very pleased to welcome Chad Metcalf of Value Stream Solutions Inc. to our special BC Manufacturers Webinar Series to share his thoughts and experiences around Leadership in a Time of Crisis. 

With so much going on and needing your attention around the pandemic that is COVID19, your participation in continuous learning and sharing of ideas, shows your commitment to finding a path through these challenging times.  There is no ‘recipe for all’ in any challenge of this magnitude and having an opportunity to share among your peers may help you to feel you are not alone.  Working together on solutions will help get us through.

In this session, Chad will discuss current issues challenging our ‘normal’ leadership styles and why it so challenging when things get more and more difficult.  We will also explore some solutions that may be right in front of us, using tools we are all very familiar with from our continuous improvement efforts, pre-pandemic. 

Please join us for this session as we work together to find solutions through our leadership!

As a recognized leader in process improvement, Chad has helped guide companies and individuals to phenomenal results.  With expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Leadership and Team development, developed through years of practical application in manufacturing and services throughout North America, has resulted in substantial customer success. 


EMC’s Strategic Interest Group (SIG) events are facilitated manufacturers’ peer networking opportunities.  There are over 60 EMC consortium regions in Canada, where members gather to share best practices, discuss opportunities and challenges to enable competitiveness, take in plant tours and build relationships with both peers and our valued community stakeholders and partners.

Stay well and stay safe!  We are in this together!

Bren de Leeuw, Western Canada Operations, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium

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