EMC BC Lower Mainland Manufacturers Peer Networking Event - SUSTAINING IMPROVEMENT WITH THE FACTORS GROUP

Thursday, January 21, 2021 9:30am PST ZOOM SIG Featured 250 Views

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We are kicking off 2021 ready to learn, benchmark and to support our Peers in industry!  This special EMC Manufacturers Virtual Event is all about “Sustaining Improvement” with thoughts and experiences from The Factors Group reflective of their Continuous Improvement and Health and Safety journeys!

We have a wonderful Peer Best Practice session lined up enabling participants to gather insight from this company's pandemic experiences and lessons learned specific to their ongoing Continuous Improvement commitment and H&S initiatives!  We will hear about the importance of developing a strong culture and how that applies to The Factors Group CI goals and objectives while also aligning with Health and Safety initiatives and other organizational priorities.

We would like this to be a very interactive event that invites discussion from the participants in our virtual roundtable format and hope you enjoy this peer connectivity opportunity!

Click to RSVP today on the link below - mark your calendar for January 21st, 2021, bring your experiences and thoughts and enjoy the insight to be shared from the Team at The Factors Group all relative to our theme of "Sustaining Improvement"!!  

Welcome and EMC Update
Factors Group Best Practices – Sustaining Improvement:
Continuous Improvement Endeavours:
*Factors Lean(FOS) Progress before and during COVID

- Programs, tools and implementation timelines
- What’s being targeted when things are not normal

- Reaction necessary to keep the fires going and how are we doing now?
*Preparing Post COVID
- What have we learned?  Ongoing customer and business support?    
- Goals for 2021 and beyond to sustain CI culture and programs 
Health and Safety Initiatives:
The Importance of Being Proactive           
- Business Continuity Plans; forming Teams; Importance of Communication
*Maintaining Safety During the Pandemic and Lessons Learned
- COVID Risk Assessment; COVID Safety Plans in Action 
*Post COVID: What are our future Health and Safety Goals and Objectives
Tying it all Together at the Factors Group – Sustaining Improvement:

*Comments from the Senior Director, Operations – Moving Forward
EMC Schedule Development 2021:
*What are the topics, best practices, or peer discussions you would like to have as we move
                 forward into a new year?
Roundtable Discussion Items

The Factors Group of Nutritional Companies Inc. is a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements and other health-building products. 

On behalf of the Team at The Factors Group and EMC, we hope you can join us!

Stay well and stay safe!


Bren de Leeuw
Western Canada Operations
Vice President, Community Partnerships & Stakeholder Relations
Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium
Tel: 519-372-6009 | Email: -

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