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THIS MONTH’S TOPIC: “THE FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING” As manufacturers seek to build their future, increasing issues affecting business growth are driving additional demands on day-to-day operations and the ability to remain competitive.
The rapid advance of technology as an example, is accelerating the need for new and enhanced expertise – some which may not yet be defined – adding to the growing skill shortage and current jobs in demand. It also creates greater pressure on many other aspects of business that inhibit our competitiveness. However, the path to innovation and acceleration to technology will enable companies to become more adept, efficient and agile once the manufacturing processes and right talent is in place.
EMC’s SIG event will discuss this new reality, the approaches to addressing future capabilities, business pressures, and cybersecurity demands, and will examine how these relate to workforce, technology and competitiveness - all essential to competing in the fourth industrial revolution!
Join your industry peers and EMC members, as Scott McNeil-Smith, EMC’s National Director of Projects and Partnerships shares insights on “The Future of Manufacturing”!

Event Details: Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 (8:30-11:00 am) Location: Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia – Map Link 9734 – 201 Street, Langley, BC

Agenda Items:

  • Welcome, Introductions and EMC Update
  • The Future of Manufacturing
  • Issues Affecting Manufacturers
  • Workforce Impacts: Skills Shortages / Future Skills / Productivity
  • Technical Impacts: Advanced Manufacturing & Automation / Digitization / Cybersecurity
  • Sustainability: Energy / Carbon / Legislative Impacts / Strategies
  • Opportunities to Engage: EMC Programs / Resources and Content Development
  • Roundtable Networking
  • Adjournment

Upcoming Events:

• September 24th, 2019: BC Lower Mainland SIG Event (Save the Date!)
• October 8th-10th, 2019: EMC NATIONAL ADVANTAGE THROUGH EXCELLENCE – FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING Conference - Vaughan, Ontario. For program information or to register, please visit our website at:

EMC’s Strategic Interest Group (SIG) events are facilitated manufacturers’ peer networking opportunities. There are over 60 EMC consortium regions in Canada, where members gather to share best practices, discuss opportunities and challenges to enable competitiveness, take in plant tours and build relationships with both peers and our valued community stakeholders and partners.

We hope you can join us and look forward to welcoming you!

Bren de Leeuw, Western Canada Operations, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium
Tel: 519-372-6009 | Email: -

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