National Recovery Support Event - Brilliance and Resilience, Physiologically Healthy Leadership

Thursday, January 28, 2021 1:30pm AST , Special Event 101 Views

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It's not only 'the other companies' that will be impacted by challenging Mental Health issues.

Join Psychological Health & Safety Consultant Elizabeth Eldridge for a deep dive into mental wellness during and following the impact of the pandemic.  This 3-part series will equip participants with the knowledge and practical tools they need to foster a work environment that’s productive, supportive and resilient in the face of challenging times.  With topics specific to psychological health and safety in the context of leadership, employee engagement and organizational culture, participants will learn just how broadly, and profoundly mental health can impact the workplace and will leave inspired to implement forward-thinking strategies to be proactive within their respective organizations.

Session 1 of 3: Brilliance and Resilience: Psychologically Healthy Leadership  

  • Managers are carrying a gigantic burden in their roles right now with the expectation of inspiring strong performance in their teams while maintaining their own wellbeing. Burnout in leaders is becoming more and more common as the pandemic persists and finding balance is getting tougher. This session will arm leaders with essential tools for striking that balance, navigating the challenges leadership roles in times of uncertainty, and building a team that is stronger than ever.

Take Note that Session 2 will be on Feb 4th and Session 3 on FEb 11th. I hope you will be able to join for all three sessions!


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