Atlantic Canada Manufacturers: A Structured Approach to the Future of Manufacturing

Thursday, October 8, 2020 9:00am Virtual , Virtual SIG 325 Views

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Through a series of sessions, and with the support of ACOA, subject matter experts will provide discussions around current state as well as navigating the evolution of returning and sustaining a profitable organization through leadership, people, business practices and growth. These sessions are intended to support owners and executive / senior level individuals; those who are tasked with critical decision making.


The Future of Manufacturing – New Normal and the Role of Advanced Manufacturing, Digitization and Automation

A Structured Approach to the Future of Manufacturing

What is the future of Manufacturing? Is it all about advanced manufacturing, digitization, technology and automation?

Many would argue that it is encapsulated in the fourth industrial revolution as defined by Industry 4.0, which describes how industry should be evolving to deliver improved productivity, capability and performance.

If you are thinking that Industry 4.0 is just about technology improving manufacturing, then you are missing an extremely key point. Industry 4.0 is not about technology and is not a panacea, it’s about a philosophy and strategy for how you approach your industrial processes. Technology can play a part in helping deliver success, but Industry 4.0 is about far more than that. At its heart it is about using data to make the right decisions.

It is also not just about cost savings and efficiencies, it covers all aspects of industrial processes from production to supply chain, in many sectors from manufacturing to energy, from transportation to food.

As with the previous industrial revolutions (mechanization, mass production, automation) over time it becomes a story of survival, those companies that adopt new approaches and ways of doing things survive others do not.

Date:  Oct 8th, 2020   9:00 – 10:30 am (Atlantic Time)


Date: Thursday, October 8th , 2020

Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 Atlantic Time (we have the option to extend to 11:00 is questions and discussion requires.)

Facilitator: Joan Richard: Eastern Canada Operation Manager

Presenter:  Martin Davis, Managing Partner, DUNELM Associates Limited

Industry Representative: Steen Gunderson, BBI Groupe President, CEO

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • About EMC / Update
  • A Structured Approach to the Future of Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Perspective
  • Discussion
  • Takeaways                 
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