Atlantic Manufacturing Leadership Conference

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 8:30am Atlantic Canada Virtual Event , Virtual SIG 1058 Views

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The world of work is always in a constant state of flux; change is inevitable and expected. Pre-COVID it was understood that your operating environment would experience a significant internal or external change, on average, every 100 days. The last 165 days has seen countless changes. To use a maritime analogy, the tide went out and we all learned very quickly who was naked. Those who were suited up were able to modify, adapt, and overcome while those that were not, struggled.  Athough as a sector we had the good fortune of being deemed essential, this did not guarantee everyone’s success.

On October 14th, 2020, in partnership with Deliotte and with support from ACOA, EMC will be hosting a half day virtual Leadership Conference focused on what we have learned this year, how to leverage it and what the future has in store. Please join us for the morning or for segments that are meaningful for you and your team.

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Agenda Highlights

Topic                                 Speaker                                     Time

Welcome                         EMC Representatives                8:30

The Future of Work       Stephen Harrington                  8:40

Operational Resiliency  D. Dempster & P. Kumar          9:20

Break                                                                                        10:00

IoT and Traditional IT     Andrew Jefferies                        10:10

Supply Chain                   Dwayne Mathers                       10:50

Panel Discussion            High Liner Foods, Sureshot      11:10

                                            Solutions, & Deliotte

Closing Remarks            JP Giroux                                       11:45

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