New Realities in Tech for Mfg's through NO CODE

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 10:00am ZOOM Conferencing , Virtual SIG Featured 81 Views

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We have had a couple COVID related webinars over the past few weeks & lots of COVID info exchanges…I thought a webinar around some transformative shop floor tools and opportunities would be worthwhile and a nice change of pace! A look at some new technology developments a couple Manufacturers in SW Ontario are already embracing. This session will introduce you to some concepts that are now realities in the manufacturing sector through NO CODE platforms. A shift in the way tech companies will be serving the manufacturing sector, empowering manufacturing professionals to internally design and build tools that work for your Plant in a very timely & cost-effective manner.


Webinar – Industry 4.0: Examining New Realities & Opportunities for Manufacturers

Date: Wednesday May 13th

Time: 10am to 11am

Location: ZOOM…

Registration: Please RSVP directly back to me if you would like to attend this webinar. I will get you registered, and Zoom Link sent.


Session Overview:

At this session, we'll cut through a lot of the jargon surrounding IND4.0. We'll look at market shifts created by IND4.0 and adjustments tech companies are making to serve manufacturers better, faster and cheaper. We will introduce the concept of NO CODE platforms in a manufacturing setting which allow you to internally design and build tools that work for you in a very timely and cost-effective manner.


IND4.0 can have little context within the operations of many small to medium manufacturers and many struggle to find executable, practical applications that would justify the perceived major investment. The result is a market shift by the technology companies who serve manufacturers.

Contributing factors to this market shift include:

  • There is a global shortage of developers, so they don't have access enough 'builders'.
  • Manufacturers are innovating at a much faster rate than software and hardware companies can execute on using traditional

solutions and development processes.

  • Manufacturers are better served by solutions that adapt to business process as opposed to major change management initiatives with low success rates.


We have all heard or have firsthand experience of Manufacturers that have invested heavily in ERP systems that take years to implement, or never get fully implemented and they still schedule jobs on whiteboards, have shift reports on paper & rely heavily on cumbersome excel data entry!

This is because traditional ERP systems suggest the manufacturing process is ubiquitous - you take one thing and turn it into something else. The software doesn't consider that you all do it in vastly different ways.


Enter No Code!

In order to develop solutions that can keep up with manufacturing innovation and adapt quickly to unique business and production processes, technology companies are undertaking major reorganizations. There is a focus on developing visual tools to empower Plant Management, Analysts, Process Engineers, Production Supervisors and pretty much anyone who is a “Excel Wizard” to build the tools internally that drive your Manufacturing Processes & Business in days and weeks versus months and years. NO CODE platforms allow for users (your people!) to design and build robust applications without needing to know how to write any code. Quick and simple example where NO CODE could work for you…Say you want an inventory app for your business. With the tools NO CODE provides you or someone on your team could build the app internally to fit your specific needs, without having to know how to code! This app could talk with an existing ERP & communicate with your supply chain. You could use existing templates to help design it or do it 100% on your own. Another example could be a uptime/downtime app on a process you could create to capture the exact data you need…The possibilities on what you can create are huge. Tech companies interested in working with Manufacturers will be pivoting to create NO CODE solutions and offer the support you need to use them.


We'll discuss practical strategies and opportunities for initiating digital transformation at your facility through NO CODE. You will also get a sneak peek at how some other SWO Manufacturers have started on this transformation.


This session will be led by local Topic Expert John Galbraith of Factory Bucket Inc. Factory Bucket has worked with many SW Ont Manufacturers over the past 3 years exploring and implementing tech solutions that are based 100% on feedback from the Manufacturing Sector & the latest Tech. Factory Bucket is located in London Ont & has been supported with funding from OCE, IRAP & the RoundHouse Accelerator to study the tech needs of manufacturers in the Region.

Presenters Bio: John Galbraith

John has over 15 years enterprise software experience specializing in major digitization & change management initiatives with some of the world's biggest brands and governments alike. John's made major contributions to B2B and consumer projects with the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau, Little League International, The Toronto Blue Jays, the Isreali Knesset (Federal Government), Dallas County (TX) Elections and the City of Toronto. A Southern Ontario native, John's recent focus is on helping manufacturers thrive in what many expect to be one of the greatest periods of innovation in human history. 

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