Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Sustainability is win-win!

Energy continues to be a major topic of concern for all manufacturers. Industry has been increasingly challenged with unstable energy commodities pricing, uncertain and shifting government energy initiatives, security of supply and decreasing energy efficiencies as their production infrastructure assets further depreciate.

Clean, green and lean.

We work with manufacturers to benchmark their facility’s footprint, to review their energy big picture, while helping focus on the specific (foot) steps needed to implement improvement opportunities for savings.

  • Get to know their energy usage
  • Optimize their consumption
  • Grow their business with a smaller Carbon Footprint
  • Generate revenue!

EMC is helping members lower their operating costs, now and in years to come by helping them to become more energy sustainable.

Did You Know…

Part of the price you are paying on your utility bill (20% to 30%) is going toward paying for other Ontario businesses to become more energy sustainable?

You can access financial incentives from the OPA (Ontario Power Authority) to help pay for up to 50% of your energy saving initiatives?

By becoming more energy sustainable, you will reduce your energy consumption and lower your greenhouse gas emissions, effectively reducing your operating costs… and the government will help you pay for it?

An Energy Audit is your roadmap to becoming more energy sustainable and government incentives will pay for up to half of the cost of an energy audit?

In some cases you can complete your energy sustainability projects with NO OUT-OF-POCKET INVESTMENT!

EMC members are paying a lot of money through their utility for government regulated levies and other fees. The global adjustment you are paying every month is funding energy rebates your competitors are already taking advantage of… so why aren’t you?

Manufacturers can take advantage of EMC’s Energy Initiative by just picking up the phone. Take control of your power today!