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Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) in partnership with trusted advisor N-Dimension Solutions, has launched a national cybersecurity program to provide manufacturers with comprehensive vigilance for their most important intellectual and production assets. N-Dimension Solutions protect your network from cyber risks by knowing how and where it is vulnerable with around the clock monitoring.


Modern cyber attacks are complex, stealthy and by-pass conventional security controls that are commonly found in manufacturing organizations

Vigilance of network integrity

Active and passive threat detection, with intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and network asset management.


Get expert analysis

Our cybersecurity analysts will improve your security posture by working directly with you and your 3rd party IT vendors. Contact them any time.


Deploy Effortlessly

Install our lightweight, rack-mountable device in minutes on a span port. Configured easily out-of-the-box, and highly customizable for your networking environment.


EMC Member

“We were unsure but felt we had a decent cybersecurity defense system in place. However, as soon as we installed the N-Sentinel monitoring sensor, it detected multiple vulnerabilities that we were not even aware of including unencrypted passwords and multiple unknown external connections to our internal systems. The N-Sentinel’s team of cybersecurity expert simplified all the complex cybersecurity issues into an easy-to-understand security concern summary. We were able to understand the risks and properly mitigate the threats. Having access to their cybersecurity team has further enhanced our process of handling cybersecurity issues.”

In 2017, 28% of medium sized and 19% of small businesses in Canada experienced cyber incidents, resulting in an average of 24 and 22 hours of downtime respectively. The average cost of a cyber breach in Canada was $6.11 million in 2017

Are you unsure about the vulnerability of your network? We know that cybersecurity is in it’s infancy at most manufacturing companies. With the increase in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Human Machine Interface (HMI), remote connectivity, and more, manufacturers are more exposed than ever to cyber attacks. We have the solutions that will work hand-in-hand as part of a comprehensive layered strategy to keep your valued assets secure.

One of the easiest ways to enhance your cybersecurity level is by participating in a N-Sentinel Managed Cybersecurity Monitoring Program trial on your networks. This program allows you to:


  • 24 x 7 cybersecurity threat monitoring and alerts

  • Intelligent cloud-based threat analysis & false positive reduction

  • Actionable threat intelligence

  • Access to cybersecurity experts

  • Threat detection for industrial systems and networks

  • Secure web-based customer portal

  • Affordable managed security service

  • Simple and seamless setup

  • Get a FREE 60 Day trial today


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