EMC Secure Monitoring

A cloud-based managed security services are designed specifically for manufacturers, delivering continuous cyber threat vigilance and comprehensive remediation guidance. With timely awareness and insights about cyber threats, along with actionable information and access to cybersecurity experts, customers can take action to protect their networks, data and assets from cyber risks.

The first step in protecting your facility from cyber risks is knowing how and where its vulnerable. If your facility has been the target of cyber threats or if you’re unsure about how vulnerable it may be, we have the solutions for you that work hand-in-hand as part of a comprehensive layered security strategy.

Managed Security Services

Monitoring – Delivers continuous monitoring of network traffic, detecting, analysing and alerting on cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Biweekly reports offer visibility into a manufacturers cyber risks, the priority in which they should be addressed based upon severity, and specific steps that can be taken to improve to reduce risk. Cybersecurity experts review reports with customers and are available to assist in answering additional questions.

Vulnerability Assessment – Provides on-going assessment of endpoints (Including servers, industrial control systems, desktops/laptops, smart phones and more) connected to a network, providing an up-to-date view of latent vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications. Daily reports offer visibility into cyber risks, recommendations and prioritizations of the vulnerabilities that should be addressed, and specific guidance on remediation. Alerts provide awareness of new vulnerabilities as they are discovered. Cybersecurity experts are available to review reports and answer customer questions.

22% of Manufacturers were impacted by cyber attacks worldwide in 2017 and that number is growing - NCCIC/ICS-CERT

  • Continuous operations and alerts with the number and breadth of cyber threats that can impact your business. 24 x 7 vigilance and awareness of vulnerabilities is essential.
  • Actionable threat intelligence Visibility into cyber incidents; identification on which systems are vulnerable; guidance on specific actions to take to mitigate risks.
  • Manufacturing community cyber intelligence threat trends are monitored across the community enabling advanced warning about attacks starting to affect some members, enabling preemptive action. Manufacturers can also view how their security posture is performing compared with other similar manufacturers.
  • Cybersecurity expert assistance in-house cybersecurity experts review the cybersecurity data and guide utilities in taking timely and appropriate actions to reduce risk and improve their security posture.

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