EMC Safety Group

How does the program work?

At the beginning of each year, your firm selects five safety areas that it will initiate or improve upon from the Safety Group's Element List provided by the WSIB. You work through a five-step management system that will break down the process and make implementation easier for you. Your firm will learn how to implement these initiatives by attending meetings, sharing ideas and pooling resources with other firms in our Safety Group.

Program Eligibility

  • Commitment from the owner/senior manager to participate
  • Be a Schedule 1 firm and in good standing with the WSIB
  • Be committed to participating for at least 1 full calendar year
  • Not a member of another incentive program, such as Safe Communities Incentive Program (SCIP).

What is involved?

As part of the EMC Safety Group, you will:

  • Choose 5 Elements (topics) from the WSIB Employer's Guideline
  • Create/Review/Revise a standard (procedure)for each element
  • Share with your employees what you are doing for each element
  • Train affected employees
  • Evaluate each element. Based on the evaluation, make improvements & acknowledge success!
  • Attend 3 EMC Safety Group meetings in the calendar year (held across the province and through webinars)
  • Submit WSIB Action Plan, Progress Report & Year End Report Forms

Our program benefits

  • Networking meetings all across Ontario
  • Fee is per account number, not based on premiums or company size
  • Unlimited number of seats at meetings at no additional cost
  • Hands-On Admin Support & On-site support
  • You have the support of 2 health and safety professionals, each with 20 years experience, and your fellow EMC members

Core or Advantage?

CORE: The Core Program is for companies in years 1-5 of the program. The years are counted by WSIB Account Number and are tracked from the first time that Account Number Participates and completes a year. If your company gets a new account number, you start over at year 1.

ADVANTAGE: The Advantage Program is for companies that have completed years 1-5 of the Core Program. The Advantage Program is a system audit (like Workwell) that you complete every year. Advantage is continuing for 2018 so you still have time to join even if you took a year off.

EMC sponsors the largest manufacturing specific Safety Group initiative in Ontario. We are an approved WSIB Sponsor with more than ten years of experience running the Safety Group program.

Don't miss this opportunity… since 2002 EMC's Safety Group members have shared over $24 million in rebates!


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