LBMX Cloud Based EDI (Exchanging Data Electronically) allows you to connect electronically with all of your customers and suppliers. This model means you do not need to purchase specialized software and train people how to use it. LBMX does all of the heavy lifting for you to connect and support your customer’s needs. Outsource your EDI. You’ve got other great work to do.

Discount is 30% off setup fees & 10% off recurring fees with your EMC membership!

Companies like yours run on the exchange of documents. Invoices, purchase orders and acknowledgments are just some of the information that keeps business moving. Done well, exchanging data electronically – EDI – is efficient, quick and avoids rekeying.

Connect one time with your suppliers and customers and exchange business-critical data like invoices, statements or purchase orders.  Make EDI with all of your trading partners possible.

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Our members have a single point of contact. Jason will provide you access to the Ordering Site and put you in direct contact with our Representative that can help set up your account.

Jason Bates 
Manager EMC Direct Programs
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