Trust, Teamwork & High Performance

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What the Participants Will Get:

  • Build trust, teamwork & collaboration with peers, co-workers and teams.
  • Understand the role trust and credibility plays in personal effectiveness.
  • Create an environment of win-win problem solving.
  • Generously listen with skill and understanding.
  • Take responsibility for producing results.
  • Give and receive feedback effectively.
  • Confront others in a caring and constructive way.
  • Set goals designed for success.


Through presentation, discussion, role play and group work, this workshop has participants discover how the culture of the workplace has immense impact on the productivity and health of organizations.  Participants will understand how to strengthen their teams for high performance results using the core elements of the HEART principles.

Building Trust and Respect in the workplace is key to developing high-performance teams.  This is the workshop that gets things started!

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