Total Productive Maintenance

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Total Productive Maintenance is a combination of three strategies, reactive maintenance, preventative maintenance, and predictive maintenance. TPM is the culmination of all employees in an organization, working together to eliminate unplanned downtime.

What the Participants Will Get:

  • Evaluate maintenance strategies that will assist the business.
  • Acquire some practical tools to increase machine performance.
  • Tooling organization and preparation.
  • The major losses associated with underperforming machines & equipment.
  • 4 common methods of maintaining equipment.

Creating a TPM Implementation Plan.


Participants will learn what TPM is and how to begin implementing it to reduce machine downtime and increase performance in machine dependent, work environments.  Once the realm of only maintenance workers, machine uptime is maximized when a team approach is used to inspect and maintain equipment.  TPM studies the daily, weekly, monthly tasks that can be shared among operators and maintenance staff.  Management is required to make sure the tasks are adhered to and supported.

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