Setup Time Reduction - Principles of SMED

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The deadliest waste, Overproduction, can be caused by many business processes (people) and technology (machines).  One of the greatest contributors to overproduction is the time it takes to change a machine over from one product type to another product type.

What the Participants Will Get:

  • Why changeover time reduction is important.
  • What are the different phases of applying SMED?
  • High cost technology or low-cost creativity?
  • Introduction of the concept of Setup Time Reduction – Principles of SMED.
  • Learn how to do a set up reduction, improvement event.


Participants in this workshop will learn the step by step methods to reducing setup times of machines.  Setup times are one of the largest contributors to work in process inventories and long lead-times.  By reducing or eliminating them, companies can be far more responsive to ever changing customer demands.


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  • Tue, Mar 29 1:00pm Virtual
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