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Office Ergonomic Assessments – Preventing MSDs in the Office

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Course Details

  • This workshop will teach participants to confidently assess and set up computer workstations to minimize injury risk. Participants will receive an ERGO checklist / audit to use at their workplace to conduct assessments.
  • What is new and upcoming in office ergonomics – what is research based vs. a trend to be aware of for office furniture, seating and computer accessories.
  • Participants conduct real workplace case studies and ergonomic assessments on individuals with back, wrist, shoulder and neck injuries to determine the issues and set up guidelines for each injury type and review how to accommodate these injury types.
  • Sitting and standing workstations will be discussed. The latest research on sitting vs. standing. When is a sit-stand station required, what should you consider, and what are the various options for creating a sit stand workstation will be reviewed.
  • Participants also participate in a hands-on product evaluation symposium where we review the latest “ergonomic products and chairs”.

Current Schedule

  • Wed, May 13 Barrie, Ontario
  • Wed, Nov 4 Mississauga, Ontario
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