Managing and Mediating Workplace Conflict

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This one-day program gives managers and supervisors the tools to understand conflict and their role in preventing and resolving it.

Participants will learn to:

  • Help employees see that how they affect their teammates is part of their job;
  • Understanding the dynamics of conflict;
  • Defuse conflict behavior directed at them as supervisors using
    • Active listening
    • Non-verbal tools
    • Questioning techniques
    • Interest-based conflict resolution
  •  Informally mediate conflict cases between employees
  • The nature and limits of mediation
  • When mediation is inappropriate
  • Setting yourself up as a mediator
  • Practical mediation techniques.

At the end of the session Supervisors will be able to:

  1. Distinguish difference from conflict
  2. Understand the conflict cycle and effects on the team
  3. Defuse emotional situations
  4. Probe for solutions
  5. Hold on to essential positions
  6. Bring conflicting parties to resolution

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