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Manufacturers have endeavored to become more productive and globally competitive and EMC has facilitated successful projects designed to help accelerate the adoption of Lean / Continuous Improvement best practices. 

A key piece not yet addressed by or available to local industry relates to a Lean Management System, and the expertise, tools & resources and the system for senior managers to effectively integrate Lean into their enterprise.

A ‘Lean Management System’ is a methodology that is implemented by the management team to sustain ‘lean production’ in an organization.  A LMS provides the framework to tie together the supporting lean elements (Leader Standard Work, Visual Controls, Daily Accountability boards/ process, discipline, RCCA, Gemba walks etc) which helps transform the lean culture that grows from practicing it.  Choose one item from the lean elements, practice it, add another, practice both, add a third and keep developing your LMS.  The management team sets the example and adheres to the system.   With every step added, you will find yourself further along your lean journey, sustain your CI initiatives and transform your culture. 

  1. Professional Facilitation and Deployment of a Lean Management System:  This will provide manufacturing managers with a framework for opportunity/project identification, benchmarking, collaboration.
  2. Coaching & Mentoring of LMS and Management of Project Implementation:  This will provide manufacturing managers with the specific subject-matter-expertise needed to identify, implement manage and sustain Lean projects, and maximize project results.  This is achieved through training, coaching and mentoring.

This initiative will be managed and coordinated by an experienced team, including a Lean Management System expert, Lean master trainers/coaches/mentors and EMC senior management.    

As with EMC’s previous projects, deliverables / project targets are forecast conservatively, however the actual results are typically tremendous.


For more information please contact Kevin Lenko at: klenko@emccanada.org

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  • Tue, Jan 15 8:00 am Sudbury
  • Thu, Jan 17 8:00 am Muskoka
  • Tue, Feb 12 8:00am Sudbury
  • Thu, Feb 14 8:00 am Muskoka
  • Tue, Mar 19 8:00 Sudbury
  • Thu, Mar 21 8:00 Muskoka
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