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Joint Health & Safety Committee - Level 1

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The role of a Health & Safety Representative, regardless who they represent (workers/ management) is to advise the employer and supervisors of area that may be in non-compliance with OHSA, standards and best practices. This is done by understanding what the safety laws say, what kinds of standards are out there, what kinds of hazards are found within a workplace.  JHSC certification training provides participants with the knowledge and information they need to be an effective health and safety representative.

During the discussion based training, the following subjects are discussed and reviewed as part of this course;

  • Understanding the Occupational Health and Safety Act including enforcement, offences and penalties for non-compliance
  • The requirements for a business to have a Health and Safety Policy and Program
  • Duties and responsibilities of all workplace parties
  • How to identify a hazard in your workplace, and how to identify controls for those hazards
  • The role of Safety Representatives and their authority in the workplace
  • Work stoppages and work refusals
  • How to conduct a Risk Assessment
  • Workplace and accident investigation and inspections
  • Requirements in the event of a workplace accident
  • How to run an effective JHSC at your workplace

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