Introduction to Lean Principles & Developing Standard Work

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Introduction to Lean Principles 

This course is designed to provide a beginning to your continuous improvement journey towards operational excellence and to begin communicating to employees, a roadmap for change, to those companies already on the journey.

  • Introductions to…
    • Defining Value
    • The 8 Deadly wastes
    • The 5 Principles of Lean
    • Lean Tools and concepts to make work easier, less frustrating and more productive.

Discussion and examples of implementations in various work environments.

Developing Standard Work

To introduce participants to the concepts of Standard Work for the purpose of having a “one best method” to complete tasks. This is to ensure that even though many people may perform the task, they all complete it the same way.

A foundational piece of the continuous improvement puzzle, standard work simplifies decision making, problem-solving and worker training while creating useful work instruction and improving process effectiveness. This ½ day course is an excellent way to begin developing Standard Work. This is a highly interactive session where participants can actively engage in the discussion and learning process. 

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will fully understand:

  • What is Standard Work
  • Training Within Industry
  • Applications in production, service and administration
  • Using standard work to improve process quality and productivity
  • Concepts of leader standard work
  • Practical application

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