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How To Complete Physical Demands Assessments

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Course Details

  • This hands-on workshop will give you all the skills and knowledge needed to conduct Physical Demands Assessments confidently and accurately at your workplace.
  • Learn how to measure and document job demands to ensure workplace accommodations are successful.
  • Learn how to use a force gauge and pinch gauge to document forces. Steps to ensure valid measurements in various situations.
  • Common mistakes made when completing and documenting demands and PDA reports.
  • What makes a PDA valid and what should be included – strength, mobility, dexterity, posture, environmental, sensory, cognitive demands.
  • Measuring duration and frequency of demands – what is the difference and why are both important.
  • Participants will complete a PDA during the workshop and will receive a PDA template to use at their worksite.

Current Schedule

  • Thu, May 14 Barrie, Ontario
  • Thu, Nov 5 Mississauga, Ontario
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