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How to Complete Cognitive Demands Assessments

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Recent changes in legislation for claims resulting from mental health conditions including concussions, mental illness, and mental stress make this workshop a must attend if you deal with workplace accommodation. This hands-on workshop will give you the skills and knowledge needed to conduct Cognitive Demands Assessments confidently and accurately at your workplace.

Physical Demands Assessment Workshop

  • Learn about cognitive demands, how to define them, and how to choose those that are most relevant for your facility. A glossary of commonly used cognitive terms will be provided.
  • Learn how to apply a CDA and to assess whether there is a job match or whether accommodations are required in a Return to Work situation.
  • Learn how to objectively quantify and document cognitive job demands.
  • Understand how to validate the findings of your CDA.
  • Common mistakes made when completing CDAs and documenting demands.
  • Participants will complete a CDA during the workshop and will receive a CDA template to use at their workplace.

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  • Fri, May 15 Barrie, Ontario
  • Fri, Nov 6 Mississauga, Ontario
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