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Conducting Ergonomic Risk Assessments

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Course Details

  • This workshop is full of practical assignments and case studies. We customize the workshop to meet the needs of our registered participants.
  • Learn to identify and measure ergonomic workplace hazards – force, posture, repetition – what are safe limits and how to evaluate these hazards.
  • Participants will learn how to conduct qualitative and quantitative Ergonomic Risk Assessments based on industry standards. Ontario’s Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention Guidelines Screening Tool,an ERGO hazard screening checklist, MMH assessment guidelines (Liberty Mutual Tables for lift / lower/push/pull and carry) and Upper limb risk Assessments will be completed for various jobs.
  • Learn to answer questions like? “what is repetitive”, “what is a safe lifting limit”, “what can I do to reduce awkward postures”. Implementation strategies for reducing injury risk and how to prioritize job improvements will be taught. Best practices in various industries will be presented.
  • It is assumed that participants have a base knowledge of ergonomics.
  • Bring a video of a job at your facility and we will try to incorporate it into our learning day.

Current Schedule

  • Tue, May 12 Barrie, Ontario
  • Tue, Nov 3 Mississauga, Ontario
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