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Health, Safety & the Law

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Course Details

  • Introduction to the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • A Review of the Internal Responsibility System Including the Roles and Responsibilities of Employers, Supervisors, and Workers: OHSA Sections 25—28
  • Responsibilities of Health and Safety Representatives: OHSA Section 8
  • Powers of Ministry of Labour Inspectors: OHSA Section 54
  • Issuing of Orders: OHSA Section 55
  • Notices of Compliance: OHSA Section 59
  • Offences and Penalties: OHSA Section 66

Participants will receive training in the following elements:

  • Understanding the Occupational Health & Safety Act and why Health & Safety is so important
  • Roles & Responsibilities and the Internal Responsibility System
  • Responsibilities of a Supervisor as well as that of a Health and Safety Representative
  • Recognition, Assessment, Controls, and Evaluation
  • Identifying Hazards in the workplace
  • Workplace Inspection Basics
  • Accident / Incident Investigation Essentials

Current Schedule

  • Mon, Nov 2 8:00am Virtual
  • Thu, Dec 17 9:00am Ottawa, ON
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