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Forklift operators are required to be deemed competent to operate lifting devices.  To meet the definition of competency, operators need to have training, knowledge and experience. This program fulfills the knowledge and training portions of the requirements while the experience part is the responsibility of the employer to determine. As part of our training program, we provide a documented report of the operators’ performance on a lift truck in the evaluation phase. If the operator requires practice on the equipment to gain more experience, it will be indicated on the evaluation report provided to the employer along with any additional recommendations.

This program covers the following elements:

  • The legal requirements
  • Causes of forklift related accidents
  • Hazards associated with the operation of a forklift, equipment, environment, and materials you handle
  • How to ensure the safety of other workers in the area
  • How to Inspect your lift truck
  • Lift truck stability triangle and trapezoid, centre of gravity load, capacity of your lift truck or forklift
  • The effects of speed, acceleration, sharp cornering, etc.
  • Main components of the lift truck with emphasis on the lifting/handling systems and their basic functions
  • The hazards associated with the workplace in which he/she will be working. Creation of Safety Rules to follow
  • Fueling of a lift truck including Propane, Diesel and Batteries (If your forklifts use propane, your operators are required to undergo training in the safe use and handling of propane cylinders and Propane Cylinder Exchange under TSSA standards)
  • How operators can make a difference


As laid out in Occupational Health and Safety Act, S 25(2)(A),(D) and (H) Regulation 851 has been amended to include the requirement for training and certification of powered lift truck operators. Employers are now required to ensure that workers have received instruction, training and testing in the operation of powered lift trucks and forklifts. Workers must be familiar with the operating procedures of the truck or forklift that they will be operating and able to demonstrate competency in accordance with the Ministry of Labour’s “Guideline for The Safe Operation and Maintenance of Powered Lift Trucks.”

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