Effective Problem Solving

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Effective Problem Solving
This workshop is designed to provide participants with practical tools for problem solving and getting to root cause solutions. 

The PDCA model is used extensively and is applied with problem solving teams and Kaizen events in mind. 
This workshop gives participants a strong foundation in problem-solving methods and tools so that they can confidently tackle everyday business problems such as; quality defects, machine downtime, less than ideal process performance, customer complaints, waste and scrap, as well as internal process breakdowns between departments.


  • Training in PDCA problem solving
  • Introduction to Kaizen
  • In depth use of common tools:
  • Brainstorming, Process mapping, Fishbone diagram, Pareto analysis, Scatter plots, experimentation techniques, verification of root cause, solution evaluation, solution validation and standardization of process
    are all on the agenda

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