Developing Standard Work

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To introduce participants to the concepts of Standard Work for the purpose of having a “one best method” to complete tasks. This is to ensure that even though many people may perform the task, they all complete it the same way.

A foundational piece of the continuous improvement puzzle, standard work simplifies decision making, problem-solving and worker training while creating useful work instruction and improving process effectiveness. This ½ day course is an excellent way to begin developing Standard Work. This is a highly interactive session where participants can actively engage in the discussion and learning process. 

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will fully understand:

  • What is Standard Work
  • Training Within Industry
  • Applications in production, service and administration
  • Using standard work to improve process quality and productivity
  • Concepts of leader standard work
  • Practical application

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  • Tue, Jun 14 1:00pm Virtual
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