Communications Skills for Supervisors and Managers

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Managers generally underestimate the impact their communication style has on their peoples' engagement and effectiveness.

This one-day program will allow you to:

  • Know your personal communication style, its strengths and shortcomings, and make a plan for personal development;
  • Develop new language habits that built partnership and foster real accountability;
  • Avoid morale-killing terms and ways of speaking;
  • Draw out commitment;
  • Express your intent and directions in so that your people understand and are energized to deliver;
  • Provide effective positive and corrective feedback;
  • Handle pointed or trap questions;
  • Manage brief decision-making meetings

Supervisors will...

  1. See communication as an investment in their own credibility and ability to get things done;
  2. Model core values and guiding principles in their interactions with employees;
  3. Be and feel accountable for transmitting information accurately and in such a way that employees are motivated to absorb and use the information;
  4. Listen effectively;
  5. Respond properly and promptly;
  6. Report factually;
  7. Separate fact from opinion.

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