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Communication in the workplace is the pillar of a successful team and company. When your workforce understands the principals of effective communication, they are perfectly positioned to solve problems, improve quality and production, reduce employee stress, manage conflict, build adaptability and resilience, innovate, and grow. This 3-hour in-person or virtual workshop is the foundation of your team’s communication strategy. Workshops are also available on Difficult Interactions, Coaching, Mentoring and Feedback.


At the end of this interactive workshop, participants will understand the 2-way Communication Model, the role of communication in building strong teams, how to leverage diversity within the team to create an inclusive and creative environment, manage barriers to good communication, and learn strategies to mitigate and manage conflict.


  • Explore the role of good communication in the workplace
    • Building strong teams
    • Improving business processes
    • Reaching company and team goals
    • Motivating employees
    • Solving problems
    • Facing challenges
    • Being positioned for growth


  • Define effective communication
    • Explore the two-way communication model
    • Explore the impact of our mode of communication (e.g. email vs. in-person)


  • The Business case for diversity and inclusion
    • Research supports the benefit of nurturing diversity within teams and companies
    • Explore and broaden your definition of diversity (cultural, generational, gender, experiential, etc.)


  • Common Causes of Conflict in the Workplace
    • Different communication styles
    • Competing interests
    • Lack of perspective


  • Managing Conflict
    • Explore different styles of managing conflict
    • Explore effective strategies conflict management
    • Understand perspective

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  • Thu, Feb 17 1:00pm Virtual
  • Thu, Jun 16 1:00pm Virtual
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